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Life and Preaching Meeting Book  |  November 2017


Wetin We Go Do to Make How We Dey Preach Better​—Return Visit

Wetin We Go Do to Make How We Dey Preach Better​—Return Visit

WHY E DEY IMPORTANT: Many people wey want learn about the Kingdom message dey look for the truth about God. (Isa 55:6) If we want make dem learn fast, we must continue to go back to dem. As e be sey people dey face different different problem, the way we go take help dem learn about this message go still different. Make we prepare well well, and get am for mind to go visit dem, with the mind sey we want start Bible study.


  • No let many days pass before you go back.​—Mt 13:19

  • Respect am and let am see you as im friend. No rush

  • First greet am. Use im name. Let am know why you come back. E fit be, to answer im question, to give am new magazine, to show am our website, to play video, or to show am how we take dey study Bible with people. If e get another topic wey e like, make una first talk about am.​—Php 2:4

  • Use Bible and our book dem take water the seed of truth wey you don plant for im heart. (1Co 3:6) Try talk to am like your friend

  • Tell am wetin una go talk about when you come next time