If man get better wife, people dey know. For King Lemuel time, if man get better wife, dem dey know the man well well ‘for all the gate wey dey the city.’ (Pr 31:23) For this our time, na men wey dey show better example be ministerial servant or elder for congregation. If dem don marry, dem no go fit be elder or ministerial servant if dem no get wife wey dey support dem or wey get good character. (1Ti 3:4, 11) If man get better wife, e dey value am well well, even congregation self dey value women wey be better wife.

Na like this better wife take dey help im husband make e fit work for congregation . . .

  • e dey talk better word to encourage am.Pr 31:26

  • e dey allow am help other people for congregation.1Th 2:7, 8

  • e dey let wetin e get reach am.1Ti 6:8

  • e no dey ask im husband about congregation matter wey e no suppose know.1Ti 2:11, 12; 1Pe 4:15