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Jehovah Witness People

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Life and Preaching Meeting Book  |  May 2016


You Dey Use JW Library?

You Dey Use JW Library?

JW Library na free app (software application) wey go allow you download Bible and other book, video, and audio programs enter your phone, small computer, or computer.

HOW YOU GO TAKE GET AM: Go internet, mek you download JW Library from any app store. E dey for Android, Apple, and Windows phone or small computer. As you dey for internet, open the app and choose different different publication wey you want download for your phone or any small computer wey you dey use. If you no get internet for your house, you fit get am for any cyber cafe wey near you. If you don download the different different publication finish, you no go need internet again if you want open am. Because as e be sey dem dey add new new things for JW Library, e go good to dey go internet everytime to see whether any new thing dey.

WHY E GOOD TO GET AM? JW Library don make am easy for you, mek you fit study Bible by yourself and you fit use am for meeting. You fit still use am when you dey preach. Some people see am sey JW Library good to take preach anytime wey you want because you fit use am with sense to preach for anywhere.