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Jehovah Witness People

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May 16-22

PSALMS 11-18

May 16-22
  • Song 106 and Prayer

  • Wetin Meeting Chairman Go Talk to Start the Meeting (No pass 3 min.)


  • Who Jehovah Fit Invite Come im House?”: (10 min.)

    • Ps 15:1, 2—We must talk the truth for our heart (w03 8/1 14 18; w89 9/15 26 ¶7)

    • Ps 15:3—Everything wey we dey talk must dey clean (w89 10/15 12 ¶10-11; w89 9/15 27 ¶2-3; it-2 779)

    • Ps 15:4, 5—We must show sey we love Jehovah for everything wey we dey do (w06 5/15 19 ¶2; w89 9/15 29-30; it-1 1211 ¶3)

  • Better Things Wey Dey Inside Bible—Find Am Well: (8 min.)

    • Ps 11:3—Wetin this verse mean? (w06 5/15 18 ¶3; w05 5/15 32 ¶2)

    • Ps 16:10—How wetin bible talk take happen to Jesus? (w11 8/15 16 ¶19; w05 5/1 14 ¶9)

    • Wetin I learn about Jehovah from the place wey we read for Bible this week?

    • Wetin I learn from the place wey we read for Bible this week wey I fit use for preaching?

  • Bible Reading: (No pass 4 min.) Ps 18:1-19


  • First Time: (No pass 2 min.) wp16.3 16—Read Bible from phone or small computer.

  • Return Visit: (No pass 4 min.) wp16.3 16—Read Bible from JW Library mek the person wey you dey preach for, see the Bible verse for im own language.

  • Bible Study: (No pass 6 min.) bh 100-101 ¶10-11—Use small time show the person wey you dey study how e go fit use JW Library find answer to the question wey e ask.


  • Song 70

  • Different Different Way Wey You Fit Use JW Library—Part 1: (15 min.) Talk am together. Play this two video: Set and Manage Bookmarks and Use History, and take small time talk about am. After una watch am finish, mek una talk about the first two small topic wey dey the back of this meeting book. Tell people wey dey the meeting sey mek dem talk other way wey dem don use JW Library when dem dey study and when dem dey meeting.

  • Congregation Bible Study: (30 min.) ia chap. 15 ¶15-26 and p. 134 (Question wey go help us remember wetin we don learn)

  • Wetin We Learn and Wetin We Go Learn Next Week? (3 min.)

  • Song 43 and Prayer