Listen to God brochure na for people wey no too sabi read. We dey use am teach dem the first things wey dem need to learn from Bible. For this book, every topic get two page and picture. One picture wey una dey talk about go direct una go the next one.

Listen to God Make You Live Forever get the same picture wey Listen to God get. Plenty things dey inside Listen to God Make You Live Forever brochure and we dey use am teach our student wey sabi read. Many publisher like to dey use Listen to God Make You Live Forever brochure when their student wey no sabi read dey use Listen to God. Many of the page get one small part for down wey get other things wey una fit still talk about.

Even though sey no be im we dey give people that month, you fit still place am. When you dey use am study with person, use the picture explain wetin dey Bible. Ask the student question so that e go put mouth for the matter make e for understand wetin e dey learn. Read the Bible verse wey dey under the page and talk about am. When una complete the brochure, make una start What Does the Bible Really Teach? or What Can the Bible Teach Us? So that the student go fit baptize.