This brochure na one of the book wey we dey use teach people. We dey use am before we start the book wey we dey study our Bible student or as we study the book wey we dey use finish. * Lesson 1 go reach 4 go help dem know more about Jehovah Witness people, lesson 5 go reach 14 go help dem know wetin we dey do, and lesson 15 go reach 28 go help dem know wetin our organization dey do. E go good make we start from the beginning of this book unless e get another topic wey go really help the student that time. For this book, every lesson get one page and you fit use like five to ten minute study the lesson with dem.

  • Tell am sey make e get the topic of the lesson for mind

  • Read all the paragraph wey dey the lesson or take am one one

  • Talk about the paragraph when you read am finish. Ask am the question wey dey down and use the picture. Na you go choose the Bible verse wey una go read and talk about. Talk about how the small small topic take answer the question wey dey the main topic

  • If the lesson get the box wey dem write “Make You Learn Other Things,” read am and tell your student make e try do wetin dey the box

^ par. 3 Some of the things wey dey inside this book for our website fit no dey for the one wey dem print.