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Life and Preaching Meeting Book  |  June 2017


Dey Happy to Preach

Dey Happy to Preach

Preaching dey always sweet you to go? Some fit sey “no be everytime o.” But why e dey be like that sometimes? E fit be sey na because we dey meet people wey no like our message, or because sey people wey we dey meet no dey treat us well. We fit even dey fear to talk to people wey we no know before. But make we no forget sey the God wey we dey worship na happy God and e want make all of us dey happy. (Ps 100:2; 1Ti 1:11) Make we see three reason why we suppose to dey happy to dey preach.

Number one, even though sey many people no get hope again, the message wey we dey preach dey give dem hope. We dey preach and tell people good news about the better thing wey dey come. (Isa 52:7) Before we comot from house go preach, e good make we dey think about the better better things wey God Kingdom go bring come this earth. This one go make dey make us happy to preach.

Number two reason be sey the good news wey we dey preach dey help people comot hand from the bad bad things wey fit spoil their life, and dey give dem the chance to get life wey no go end. (Isa 48:17, 18; Ro 1:16) Make we dey see ourself as people wey dey go find people to save dem. We fit meet some people wey no want listen but we no go stop to dey find better people wey go save.​—Mt 10:11-14.

Number three reason be sey we dey use our preaching praise Jehovah. And Jehovah value this preaching work wey we dey do well well. (Isa 43:10; Heb 6:10) Na im make am dey open hand give us im holy spirit to fit do this work. So e good make we dey beg Jehovah for im holy spirit so that we go dey happy to preach. (Ga 5:22) Jehovah fit help us stop to dey fear and get mind to dey preach. (Ac 4:31) So whether people dey listen well for our territory or dem no dey listen, we don see sey we get better reason to dey happy when we dey preach.​—Eze 3:3.

How your face dey be when you dey preaching? How you go take show sey you dey happy when you dey preach?


  • Why e good make we dey serious with our personal study even though sey we dey use many hours preach every month?

  • How we go take copy Mary example?

  • Which time you take dey think about wetin you study?

  • Wetin dey make you happy when you dey preach?