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Life and Preaching Meeting Book  |  June 2016


‘Na God Dey Help Me’

‘Na God Dey Help Me’

Psalms 52-59 show wetin David talk when e dey face many wahala for im life. But e still trust sey Jehovah go help am for that time wey things hard. (Ps 54:4; 55:22) E still praise Jehovah for the things wey e talk. (Ps 56:10) We dey get that kind faith and trust for God? When we get problem, we dey use Bible guide ourself? (Pr 2:6) Which verse for Bible help you when  . . .

  • your mind dey down or when you no happy?

  • you dey sick?

  • other people do wetin you no like?

  • people dey suffer you?