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Jehovah Witness People

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Trust Jehovah and Do Wetin Good

Trust Jehovah and Do Wetin Good

‘No dey . . . jealous people wey dey do bad’

37:1, 2

  • No let wetin wicked people dey gain wey no go last make you stop to dey serve Jehovah. Put your mind for wetin you want do to serve God and how God go take bless you

‘Trust Jehovah and do wetin good’


  • Trust sey Jehovah go support you if anything dey worry your mind. E go help you make you no stop to dey serve am

  • Make you dey busy dey preach the good news about God Kingdom

‘Make you dey happy because of Jehovah’


  • Arrange your time make you fit read God word and think about am with the mind sey you want know Jehovah well

‘Put everything wey you want do for Jehovah hand’

37:5, 6

  • Trust Jehovah with all your mind sey e go help you when you dey any problem

  • Get good character when people no like you, when dem dey give you wahala, and when dem dey lie for your head about something wey you no do

‘Keep quiet for Jehovah front and wait for am’


  • No do any thing wey go make Jehovah leave you and wey go make you no happy

‘Na people wey dey carry their body down go stay for this earth’

37:10, 11

  • No carry shoulder up, wait make Jehovah remove all the bad bad things wey don happen to you

  • Support people wey dey worship God like you, tell people wey dey feel pain for mind about the new world wey God don promise, wey go soon come

Mouth no go fit talk the kind blessing wey Jesus rule go bring