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Jehovah Witness People

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July 11-17

PSALMS 69-73

July 11-17
  • Song 92 and Prayer

  • Wetin Meeting Chairman Go Talk to Start the Meeting (No pass 3 min.)


  • Jehovah People Dey Use All Their Mind Serve Am for the Correct Way”: (10 min.)

    • Ps 69:9—Make people see sey we dey use all our mind serve God for the correct way (w10 12/15 7-11 ¶2-17)

    • Ps 71:17, 18—People wey don dey serve Jehovah tey tey fit help young people make dem use all their mind serve God (w14 1/15 23-25 ¶4-10)

    • Ps 72:3, 12, 14, 16-19—If we dey use all our mind serve God, that one go move us to tell other people wetin God kingdom go do for everybody (w15 10/1 16 ¶3; w10 8/15 32 ¶19-20)

  • Better Things Wey Dey Inside Bible—Find Am Well: (8 min.)

    • Ps 69:4, 21—How this place for Bible take match wetin dem don talk before about the Messiah? (w11 8/15 11 17; w11 8/15 15 15)

    • Ps 73:24—How Jehovah take dey bless im people? (w13 2/15 25-26 3-4)

    • Wetin I learn about Jehovah from the place wey we read for Bible this week?

    • Wetin I learn from the place wey we read for Bible this week wey I fit use for preaching?

  • Bible Reading: (No pass 4 min.) Ps 73:1-28


  • First Time: (No pass 2 min.) wp16.4 cover—Tell am wetin una go talk about when you come back.

  • Return Visit: (No pass 4 min.) wp16.4 cover

  • Bible Study: (No pass 6 min.) fg lesson 5 ¶3-4


  • Song 140

  • You Fit Try Am for One Year?”: (15 min.) Take small time talk about the topic and the “Timetable for Regular Pioneer.” After this one, play this video wey dey JW Broadcasting and talk about am: Choosing a Career With Eternal Future. (Go VIDEO ON DEMAND > TEENAGERS.)

  • Congregation Bible Study: (30 min.) ia chap. 19 ¶17-31, box wey dey p. 170, and p. 171 (Question wey go help us remember wetin we don learn)

  • Wetin We Learn and Wetin We Go Learn Next Week? (3 min.)

  • Song 123 and Prayer