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Life and Preaching Meeting Book  |  January 2018


No Dey Worry

No Dey Worry

For the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus talk sey make we ‘no dey worry ourself.’ (Mt 6:25) Na true sey because of sin and this world wey Satan dey control, sometimes we go worry. But wetin Jesus mean be sey make we no over worry. (Ps 13:2) Why e talk am? Na because if we too dey worry, even if na about things wey we need everyday, e go really hard us to dey put God Kingdom first. (Mt 6:33) The things wey Jesus later talk, go still help us for this matter.

  • Mt 6:26​—Wetin we fit learn from how God take dey care for birds? (w16.07 9-10 ¶11-13)

  • Mt 6:27​—Why we fit talk sey to over worry na waste of time? (w05 11/1 22 ¶5)

  • Mt 6:28-30​—Wetin we fit learn from how God take dey care for the flowers wey dey bush? (w16.07 10-11 ¶15-16)

  • Mt 6:31, 32​—How Jehovah people take different from people for this world? (w16.07 11 ¶17)

Wetin I want stop to dey worry myself about?