Jump go wetin dey inside

Jump go wetin dey inside this book

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“The Kingdom Wey Dey Heaven Don Near”

“The Kingdom Wey Dey Heaven Don Near”


  • The kind cloth wey John dey wear and how e be, fit make person quick know sey e dey live simple life. E use all im life do God work

  • The special work wey John do to prepare road for Jesus, really pass anything wey e leave to fit do this work

If we live simple life, we go fit do more for God work and we go really happy. We fit live simple life if we . . .

  • know wetin we really need

  • no dey buy wetin we no need

  • plan how we go take dey spend our money and follow am

  • no dey keep wetin we no dey use again

  • pay any money wey we dey owe

  • no let our work chop all our time

John food na locust and bush honey

Wetin simple life fit help me do for Jehovah work?