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Jehovah Witness People

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Life and Preaching Meeting Book  |  January 2017

January 30–February 5

ISAIAH 43-46

January 30–February 5
  • Song 33 and Prayer

  • Wetin Meeting Chairman Go Talk to Start the Meeting (No pass 3 min.)


  • Anything Wey Jehovah Talk Sey Go Happen Must Happen”: (10 min.)

    • Isa 44:26-28—Jehovah talk sey dem go build Jerusalem and the temple again. E still talk sey the name of the person wey go destroy Babylon na Cyrus (ip-2 71-72 ¶22-23)

    • Isa 45:1, 2—Jehovah talk how dem go take destroy Babylon (ip-2 77-78 ¶4-6)

    • Isa 45:3-6—Jehovah talk why e use Cyrus take destroy Babylon (ip-2 79-80 ¶8-10)

  • Better Things Wey Dey Inside Bible—Find Am Well: (8 min.)

    • Isa 43:10-12—Wetin Israel people suppose do to show sey dem be Jehovah witness? (w14 11/15 21-22 ¶14-16)

    • Isa 43:25—Wetin be the main reason wey make Jehovah dey forgive sin? (ip-2 60 ¶24)

    • Wetin I learn about Jehovah from the place wey we read for Bible this week?

    • Wetin I learn from the place wey we read for Bible this week wey I fit use for preaching?

  • Bible Reading: (No pass 4 min.) Isa 46:1-13


  • First Time: (No pass 2 min.) fg—Preach to anybody for school or for your workplace.

  • Return Visit: (No pass 4 min.) fg—Tell am wetin una go talk about when you come next time.

  • Bible Study: (No pass 6 min) jl lesson 4


  • Song 143

  • Wetin Fit Make You Dey Sure Sey Bible Na True?: (15 min.) Play this video Wetin Fit Make You Dey Sure Sey Bible Na True? After, make una answer all this question: How we fit use this video when we dey preach from house to house, for busy area and for anywhere wey we meet people? Which better experience you don get as you dey use this video?

  • Congregation Bible Study: (30 min.) kr chap. 7 ¶19-23, the box “JW.ORG,” the chart “Some Methods Used to Reach Large Numbers of People,” and the box “How Real Is the Kingdom to You?

  • Wetin We Learn and Wetin We Go Learn Next Week? (3 min.)

  • Song 103 and Prayer