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Jehovah Bless Hezekiah for Im Faith

Jehovah Bless Hezekiah for Im Faith

Sennacherib wey be Assyria king, send Rabshakeh go Jerusalem make e tell the Jews sey make dem surrender. Assyria people tell the Jews many things wey go make dem fear so that dem no go follow dem fight.

  • Only una. Egypt people no go fit help una.Isa 36:6

  • Double mind. Jehovah no go fight for una because e dey vex for una.Isa 36:7, 10

  • Fear. Una no reach to follow Assyria army wey get power fight.Isa 36:8, 9

  • Temptation. If una surrender for Assyria, una go really enjoy life.Isa 36:16, 17

Hezekiah get strong faith for Jehovah

37:1, 2, 14-20, 36

  • E do everything wey e fit do to make sure sey dem ready before Assyria people go come attack dem

  • E pray to Jehovah make e save dem and e tell im people sey make dem still dey pray

  • Jehovah bless Hezekiah well well when e send one angel go kill 185,000 Assyria soldier for one night