Before the Passover for 32 C.E., Jesus do one miracle. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John talk about this miracle for the Bible book wey dem write.

For this miracle, Jesus use im disciples give plenty people food, and na wetin e still dey do today.


  • Jesus tell im disciples make dem give the plenty people food, even though sey na only five bread and two fish dem get

  • Jesus collect the bread and the fish and after e pray, e divide am give im disciples. The disciples come share am give the people

  • The miracle wey Jesus do make the food plenty sotey dem no fit chop am finish. Jesus use im small group of disciple give plenty people food

  • Jesus talk sey for the last days, e go choose people wey go give people “food for the correct time.”​—Mt 24:45

  • For 1919, Jesus choose “the slave wey get sense and wey dem fit trust.” This na the small group wey Jesus choose from the people wey go rule with am for heaven. Jesus put “im whole house” for their hand. This “im whole house” na the people wey dem go give food

  • As Jesus use im disciples give plenty people food that time, na so e still dey use this small group give people food today

How I fit show sey I know and dey respect this group wey Jesus choose?