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Life and Preaching Meeting Book  |  February 2017


Dey Use Our Publication Well

Dey Use Our Publication Well

Jesus teach sey: ‘Una get am for free, so make una give for free.’ (Mt 10:8) We no dey tell people sey make dem pay for Bible or any of our publication, because we dey obey wetin Jesus talk. (2Co 2:17) And na the truth wey dey Bible, dey inside all this our book dem. The work and money wey we dey use make sure sey all this our publication ready and reach congregation no be small. So, e good make we dey take only the one wey we need.

Use sense when you want give people our publication, even if na where you for dey do public witnessing. (Mt 7:6) No just give anybody wey you see for road, follow dem talk, know whether dem go really like to read am. Check the box wey dey here and see if your answer for any of the question na yes. If you no too dey sure sey the person go like to read am, e go better make you give am tract. But, if the person sey make you give am magazine or another book, make you give am.Pr 3:27, 28.