Jehovah ‘secret place’ dey protect us from anything wey fit make us no serve Jehovah again

91:1, 2, 9-14

  • If we give Jehovah our life and baptize, e go help us fit stay for im secret place

  • People wey no trust God no sabi this secret place

  • People wey dey Jehovah secret place no dey let anybody or anything make their faith and love wey dem get for Jehovah weak

“The hunter wey dey catch bird” dey try to set trap for us


  • Bird get sense well well, dem no easy to catch

  • Any hunter wey sabi catch bird dey first sofri learn how bird dey do, and find how e go catch am

  • Satan wey be ‘the hunter wey dey catch bird’ dey sofri study Jehovah people so that e go know the kind trap wey e go set to make dem stop to dey serve Jehovah

Four trap wey Satan dey use to make people stop to dey serve Jehovah:

  • Fear

  • To Pursue Money

  • The Kind Enjoyment Wey No Clean for Jehovah Eye

  • Quarrel