Jeremiah talk sey dem go destroy Jerusalem like Shiloh


  • Jehovah ark of covenant, wey dey show sey Jehovah dey with im people first dey Shiloh

  • Jehovah allow Philistia people carry the ark of covenant comot, and dem no ever carry am come back to Shiloh again

To put fear for Jeremiah body, all the priest, all the prophet, and all the people come talk sey dem go kill am

26:8, 9, 12, 13

  • Dem come hold Jeremiah because e dey talk sey dem go come destroy Jerusalem and the temple

  • Jeremiah no tire or run go another place

Jehovah protect Jeremiah

26:16, 24

  • Jeremiah get mind, e no fear and Jehovah really help am

  • Ahikam show sey e no dey fear and Jehovah use am protect Jeremiah

Because Jehovah help Jeremiah and encourage am, e tell the people God message for good 40 years even though sey dem no want hear am