Na since January 2016 the back of The Watchtower wey we dey use preach don get one new way wey we fit follow. The topic na “What Does the Bible Say?” Dem arrange am to help us know how we go start if we want follow person talk about Bible matter. The way wey dem arrange am just be like the way wey dem arrange our tract. E get one question wey go make the person talk wetin dey im mind. After the question, dem write where the answer dey for inside Bible, and other things still dey there wey we go fit talk about.

Many times, if you dey follow people talk Bible matter, e fit make dem want start to dey study Bible. Use this new way to help many many people learn about God. Mt 5:6.


  1. Ask the person wetin e think about one of the question

  2. Hear wetin e go talk and tell am sey e do well

  3. Read the Bible wey dem write under the topic wey be “What the Bible Says,” and ask am wetin e think about the place wey e read for Bible. If e still get time, talk about one of the things wey dem write under “What Else Can We Learn From the Bible?”

  4. Give am the magazine

  5. Arrange with am sey you go come back mek una fit talk about the second question