You do well as you take your time read wetin dey inside this book. We believe sey e don help you sabi Jehovah Witness people well well. E don even help you see sey na Jehovah Witness people dey do wetin God want for this our time. We go happy well well if you continue to learn wetin dey inside Bible, and tell your people wetin you dey learn. Make you no miss our meeting o, make you dey come every time.—Hebrews 10:23-25.

As you dey learn plenty plenty things about Jehovah so, you go see sey Jehovah love you well well. This one go come help you do everything wey you fit do to show sey you love God. (1 John 4:8-10, 19) How you go fit show sey you love God? Wetin you go gain when you do wetin God want? Wetin go help you join us do wetin God want? The person wey dey help you learn Bible go show you the answer to all this question. This answer go help you and your family ‘stay for the love wey God don show una and go help una get life wey no go end.’—Jude 21.

As you dey learn Bible so, we no want make you stop. You go fit learn other things for our website. Make you go