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Jehovah Witness People

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Which Kind People Jehovah Witness Be?

Which Kind People Jehovah Witness Be?





How many Jehovah Witness people you sabi? Some of us dey live for your area, some fit dey your school and some dey work for where you dey work. E fit even be sey we don preach for you before. Who you think sey we be? And why you think sey we dey preach for everybody?

We no better pass other people. Some of us go school, some no go. Some get money, others no get. Some don go another church before, some even no believe sey God dey. But, when we come take our time learn wetin Bible talk, we come see am sey everything wey dey inside na true. (Acts 17:11) Na this one make us gree sey na Jehovah we go worship.

Our life dey better as we dey learn Bible. Like other people, we self dey do mistake, and we get our own problem. But as we dey do wetin we dey learn from Bible, e dey make our life better. (Psalm 128:1, 2) Because of this fine fine thing wey we don learn, e dey sweet us for belle well well to help other people learn wetin Bible talk.

We dey follow wetin we learn from Bible. Because we dey follow wetin Bible talk, we dey respect people well well. We no dey do bad to anybody and we no dey play wayo. Wetin we dey learn from inside Bible dey help us live better life, e still dey help us teach other people how to live better life. As we sabi sey ‘God no dey do partial,’ na im make we be one big family wey dey worship God together even though sey we come from different different country and dey speak different different language. Na true sey we get our own problem like other people, but our mind dey sweet us well well because we dey do wetin Bible talk. —Acts 4:13; 10:34, 35.

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