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You go like sabi wetin dey inside Bible well well? E get any person, place or anything for Bible wey you go want know? Or you don ever think whether Bible fit help you answer the different different question wey dey worry you for mind? You fit use where we dey keep different different book for Kingdom Hall wey we dey call library.

You go see book or any other thing wey go help you get answer for different different question. You fit no get all the different different book wey Jehovah Witness people don do for your language, but you go see many new book for inside the library wey dey for Kingdom Hall. Different different Bible, better dictionary and other different different book wey go help you dey there. You fit use the library before meeting start and when meeting finish. If computer dey there, Watchtower Library fit dey inside. This Watchtower Library na wetin Jehovah Witness people put for inside computer. Many of our book dey inside and e dey easy to use. If you dey find any topic, any word or any place for inside Bible, Watchtower Library go help you.

Anybody wey get assignment for the Life and Preaching Meeting, go fit use am. You fit use the library take prepare your assignment. Na Life and Preaching Meeting overseer get hand for the library. Na im go make sure sey all the new book dey there as e suppose dey. The Life and Preaching Meeting overseer or the person wey dey teach you Bible fit show you how you go take find anything wey you want know, but make you no carry any book wey dey for library comot from Kingdom Hall. Make you use the book well, make you no write anything for inside.

Bible talk sey if we want ‘sabi wetin God dey tell us well well, we go use all our mind find am like sey we dey find better thing wey hide inside ground.’ (Proverbs 2:1-5) The library wey dey Kingdom Hall go help you.

  • Wetin dey Kingdom Hall library wey go help you get answer to different different question?

  • Who go fit teach you how you go take use the library?