Jesus Christ tell the people wey dey follow am sey: ‘Make una light dey shine, make people fit see the kind good thing wey una dey do, come praise una papa wey dey heaven.’ (Matthew 5:16) Na im make us dey use internet. Na for our website wey be we dey write everything wey we believe and everything wey we dey do. Wetin you fit see for our website wey be

Bible answer different different question wey people dey ask. The answer for the different different question wey people dey ask dey this our website. For example, the tract wey dem dey call Suffer Suffer Go Fit End? and People Wey Don Die Fit Come Life Again? dey our website for different language wey pass 600. You go still see New World Translation Bible for there and e dey for language wey pass 130, other book wey you fit use take study Bible dey there, even the book wey dem dey call What Does the Bible Really Teach? and the new Watchtower and Awake! wey we get. You fit read this different different publication for our website, or download am as MP3, PDF, or EPUB. You fit even print am give person wey want read am for im language. Different different video dey for people wey dey use hand dey talk (sign language). You fit still download different different Bible drama, Bible wey dem read like drama and better song wey you fit enjoy anytime you want.

News about Jehovah Witness People. You fit still hear news and watch video wey go show you all the thing wey we dey do for the world. You fit see where dem go show you the time wey we go do our convention and where our different different branch office dey.

All this things wey we dey do dey show sey we dey let our light shine everywhere even go reach far place like Antarctica—the place wey cold pass for this world. We dey pray make wetin we dey preach reach people everywhere for the whole world so that people go fit praise God.—2 Thessalonians 3:1.

  • How dey help people learn wetin dey inside Bible?

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