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How We Take Dey Do Our Meeting?

How We Take Dey Do Our Meeting?

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The way Christian for Apostle time take dey do their meeting be sey dem go sing, pray, read Bible, and come talk wetin dem learn when dem read am finish. (1 Corinthians 14:26) Na the same thing we dey do for our meeting today.

Everything wey we dey learn na from inside Bible and na something wey we fit do. For weekend, every congregation dey get 30-minute Public talk. This meeting dey teach us how wetin dey inside Bible take concern our life and the things wey dey happen for this world now. We dey open our Bible as dem dey read am. After this one, na “Watchtower” Study dey follow am for one hour. For this Watchtower study, anybody wey want answer question fit raise im hand up. This Watchtower Study dey help us do wetin Bible talk. Na the same watchtower all of us dey learn for our congregation wey pass 110,000 for the whole world.

Our meeting dey help us sabi how to teach well well. For one evening inside the week, we dey get one meeting, the meeting get three part. The name of the meeting na ‘Life Wey We Dey Live as Christian and How We Dey Preach.For this meeting, we dey use wetin dey the Life and Preaching Meeting Book take learn. Na every month we dey get this book. The first part for this meeting na Better Things Wey Dey Inside Bible. This part dey help us sabi some Bible chapter wey we don first read before we come the meeting. The next one na, Make You Dey Preach Well. This part dey get demonstration wey go help us sabi how to use Bible preach to people when we dey preach. One brother go use wetin e see for the demonstration take help us make we fit sabi read and teach well. (1 Timothy 4:13) The last part wey be Make We Dey Live Like Christian, dey help us see how we fit dey do wetin Bible talk everyday for our life. E dey get question and answer. Everybody go talk am together. This part dey help us sabi Bible well well.

When you come our meeting, all the better things wey you go learn for Bible go really touch you and e go make your belle sweet.—Isaiah 54:13.

  • Wetin you go learn when you come our meeting?

  • Which of our meeting you go like come?