South Korea




Jehovah want make family worship am together. This kind worship dey make their faith strong well well. Na since Israel time this kind worship start. (Deuteronomy 6:6, 7) Na im make Jehovah Witness people dey choose time everyweek for family worship, to learn Bible. Wetin dem dey learn dey help dem near God well well. Even if na only you dey stay for your house, you fit still use small time to learn wetin Bible talk.

Family dey use this time dey near Jehovah. Bible talk sey ‘near Jehovah and e go near you.’ (James 4:8) Bible dey help us sabi the kind person wey God be and the things wey im dey do, when you learn all this things from Bible you go come sabi am well. One example wey you fit take do family worship na to take small time read Bible together, una fit even follow the Life and Preaching Meeting program everyweek. Una fit share wetin una want read give different different person for the house, and after una don finish, everybody go talk wetin e learn.

Family worship dey bring everybody for family together. When family join learn Bible together, e dey make their love strong well well. Family worship na time wey everybody for the family go dey happy make e come quick quick. Papa and mama go choose wetin dem go learn for the family worship wey their pikin mind fit carry. Dem fit choose am for Watchtower or Awake! or our website wey be Dem fit even talk about anything wey dey give their pikin wahala for school and wetin dem fit do. Una fit even watch one program for JWBroadcasting ( and discuss wetin una learn. Dem fit even sing the song wey dem go sing for meeting and chop small thing after dem finish.

This time for family worship na time wey family go use learn wetin dey inside Bible together everyweek. God dey bless that kind thing.—Psalm 1:1-3.

  • Why we dey do family worship?

  • Wetin papa and mama fit do make their family enjoy this worship?