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Which Work We Dey Do for Our Branch Office?

Which Work We Dey Do for Our Branch Office?

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Na different different work dey Bethel. All this work na to support preaching for their country and any country wey dey under dem. Some dey work for where dem dey write book for different different language, some na for where dem dey print am, and some work na to arrange and keep am. Some even dey work for where dem dey do video and other things.

Na Branch Committee dey take care of Bethel. Na Governing Body put this work for Branch Committee hand. Branch Committee fit be three elder or e fit pass. Dem dey follow wetin Bible talk. Na dem dey tell Governing Body how the preaching work dey go for their country and if any wahala dey. This one go help Governing Body sabi the kind book wey dem go print, and the kind matter wey we go hear for meeting and assembly. Governing Body still dey send some brothers go different different branch office to help the brothers wey dey Branch Commitee to fit do their work well. (Proverbs 11:14) For that visit, the brother go give talk wey go encourage all the brothers wey dey live for that branch area.

Branch Office dey help all the congregation. Na branch office go gree sey make dem form new congregation. Dem dey tell pioneer, missionary, and circuit overseer wey dey their country things wey dem go do. Na dem dey arrange how dem go take build new Kingdom Hall. Dem still dey make sure sey dem send publication go different different congregation. Everything wey dem dey do for branch office na to support the preaching work.​—1 Corinthians 14:33, 40.

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