Na every year we dey print plenty book and Bible. And na for free we dey give people this publication. We dey build and repair many many Kingdom Hall and branch office for many place. We even dey support all the people wey dey work for Bethel and plenty missionary wey dey preach for other country. We still dey send money go give our people wey dey inside wahala. Where you think sey all this money dey come from?

We no dey do offering or pay tithe. Na true sey na big money we take dey do all our work. But we no dey beg people for money, one of our Watchtower wey dem don write tey tey talk sey: ‘We believe sey Jehovah dey for our back so we no go ever beg people for money’ and e never happen!​—Matthew 10:8.

Na money wey people use their mind give na im we dey use. Many people like our work, so dem dey put money to take support am. We wey be Jehovah Witness people dey happy to use all our mind, our power, our money, and other things wey we get to take support God work for everywhere. (1 Chronicles 29:9) We get small small box for our Kingdom Hall and assembly Hall wey person fit put money as im mind tell am make e give. Or person fit donate money from our web site, All the money wey we dey get, na from people wey no too get money. E just be like the woman wey Jesus talk sey e put small money inside box for temple. (Luke 21:1-4) So anybody ‘fit keep something’ wey e go put ‘as im mind tell am.’​—1 Corinthians 16:2; 2 Corinthians 9:7.

We know sey Jehovah go continue to dey touch people mind to use the better thing wey dem get take support our work.—Proverbs 3:9.

  • How Jehovah Witness people take different from other religion?

  • How we dey take use money wey people use their mind give?