As we dey learn Bible, we dey gain better thing

Before Jesus die, e get wetin e tell Peter, James, John, and Andrew wey be im disciple. E tell dem wetin dem go dey see to know sey the end don dey near. E come ask dem sey ‘na who be the faithful and discreet slave, wey im oga tell make e take care of all im servant and give dem food for the correct time?’ (Matthew 24:3, 45; Mark 13:3, 4) Wetin Jesus dey tell im disciple be sey, as na im be their oga, im go choose people wey go dey give dem better food from inside Bible for this last days. Who be this slave?

Dem be small group wey God use im spirit choose. Na dem we dey call Governing Body for Jehovah Witness people. This Governing Body dey help us sabi wetin dey inside Bible for the correct time. Na only this Governing Body wey get sense well well we put our mind make dem dey give us food from inside Bible ‘for the correct time.’​—Luke 12:42.

Dem dey take care of God house. (1 Timothy 3:15) Jesus give this slave big work. This work na to dey take care of all im people and property wey dey this world. Dem dey arrange preaching, money matter, and even arrange everything wey we dey learn for our different different congregation. Things wey we dey learn from our book dem, and for our meeting and assembly show sey Governing Body dey give us everything wey we need and when we need am.

This better slave dey faithful because dem dey teach the correct thing wey dey inside Bible and dem dey do the preaching work wey Jesus sey make dem do. The correct way wey dem take dey manage Jesus property for this world show sey this discreet slave get sense well well. (Acts 10:42) Jehovah dey bless this work with plenty plenty good things.​—Isaiah 60:22; 65:13.

  • Who Jesus choose make e give im disciple food from inside Bible?

  • Wetin show sey this slave dey faithful and discreet?