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How We Go Fit Help Take Care of Our Kingdom Hall?

How We Go Fit Help Take Care of Our Kingdom Hall?




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God name dey clean well well. As we dey use im name for our Kingdom Hall, that place suppose dey clean too. One way we fit take serve God na to join clean our Kingdom Hall, repair am, and make sure sey everything wey dey inside clean well well. Anybody fit join clean am.

You fit join clean Kingdom Hall when meeting finish. People for Kingdom Hall dey happy to join hand together clean our Kingdom Hall when meeting finish. We dey clean everywhere for our Kingdom Hall every week. And na elder or ministerial servant dey share work wey people go do. You go fit sweep, wash ground, clean chair and arrange am, wash toilet, clean window, trowey dirty or clean outside. Every year e get one day wey we take dey clean our Kingdom Hall well well. If you tell your pikin sey make dem join clean Kingdom Hall, e go help dem to dey respect God house.​—Ecclesiastes 5:1.

You fit help repair something. Every year we dey check if everything wey dey for Kingdom Hall still dey work well. We dey check like this to make sure sey everything dey work well, make we for no use big money repair am when e spoil finish. (2 Chronicles 24:13; 34:10) Na Kingdom Hall wey dey clean and fine good to worship God. If we join do work for Kingdom Hall, e dey show sey we like Jehovah and the place wey we dey worship am well well. (Psalm 122:1) This work wey we dey do dey touch people mind for the area.​—2 Corinthians 6:3.

  • Why e good make we join take care of our Kingdom Hall?

  • Wetin we dey do to make sure sey our Kingdom Hall dey clean?