Timothy na young man wey dey happy to help people. E dey travel go many place to go help people. Because of this one, e enjoy im life well well. You go like to hear about am?—

Na Timothy mama and granmama teach am about Jehovah

Na Lystra Timothy grow. Na from when e dey small, im granmama and mama dey teach am about Jehovah. Im granmama name na Lois, and im mama name na Eunice. When e grow, e ready to teach people about Jehovah.

When Timothy still dey young, Paul ask am whether e go fit travel with am go preach for another place. Timothy sey: ‘Yes!’ E ready to go help other people.

 Timothy travel with Paul go Thessalonica wey dey Macedonia. When dem want go there, the place wey dem go trek far well well, before dem come enter boat. When dem reach there, dem help many people learn about Jehovah. But some people come dey vex, dem even want beat dem. Na im make Paul and Timothy comot from there go another place.

Timothy enjoy better life wey make am happy

After some month, Paul tell Timothy make e go back to Thessalonica make e go see how the brother and sister dem dey. If person no get mind, e no go fit go back to that bad place! But Timothy go there because e get im brother and sister dem for mind. E carry better story come meet Paul when e come back. The better story be sey the brother and sister dem wey dey for Thessalonica dey fine!

Timothy work with Paul for many years. E get one time wey Paul talk sey Timothy na the best person wey e fit send go help other congregation. Timothy love Jehovah and people.

You love people and ready to help dem learn about Jehovah?— If you do like that, you fit get better life wey you go enjoy, like Timothy!