From the time Samuel dey small, e don dey work for the tabernacle and dey stay near there. Tabernacle na place wey people dey come worship Jehovah. You know how Samuel take reach the tabernacle? Make we first learn about Hannah wey be Samuel mama.

E don tey wey Hannah dey find pikin, but e no see pikin born. E come beg Jehovah for prayer sey make e help am. Hannah promise Jehovah sey if e born boy, e go send am go stay and work for tabernacle. Jehovah answer im prayer, Hannah come born boy. E call the pikin Samuel. When Samuel be three or four years, Hannah carry am go tabernacle as e take promise God.

Eli na the high priest for the tabernacle. Im two pikin self na priest. Remember sey the tabernacle na God house. People wey dey work there suppose to dey do good things. But na bad things Eli two pikin dey do for there. Samuel see wetin dem dey do. You think sey Samuel follow Eli pikin do bad things?— E no follow dem. E no stop to dey do the good things wey im mama and papa teach am.

Wetin you think sey Eli for do im two pikin?— E for punish dem. E for don pursue dem comot for the tabernacle make dem no work for there again. But Eli no do like that, na so Jehovah come vex for Eli and im two pikin. Jehovah come talk sey e go punish dem.

Samuel tell Eli wetin Jehovah send am

One night when Samuel dey sleep, e hear sey person dey call im name: ‘Samuel!’ E run go meet Eli, Eli talk sey: ‘I no call you o.’ This thing happen two times again. The voice come call Samuel again, e come make am three times. Eli come tell am sey if e hear the voice again, make e sey: ‘Abeg, Jehovah, talk; I dey hear.’ Na wetin Samuel do be that. Jehovah come tell Samuel sey: ‘Tell Eli sey I go punish im family for the bad things wey  dem don do.’ You think sey e go easy for Samuel to tell Eli this kind thing?— E no go easy. But even sey Samuel dey fear, e still do wetin Jehovah tell am. As Jehovah take talk am, na so e happen. Dem kill Eli two pikin for war, and Eli still die.

Samuel na better pikin and e go good make you be like am. E do wetin good even when e see people dey do bad bad things. You go like to dey do wetin good like Samuel? If you be like Samuel, Jehovah go happy, even your mama and papa self go happy.