Rebekah na woman wey love Jehovah. Im husband name na Isaac. Isaac self love Jehovah. How Rebekah and Isaac take know theirself? How Rebekah take show sey e want make Jehovah happy? Make we see how e happen.

Isaac papa na Abraham, im mama na Sarah. Na Canaan dem dey stay. For that place people no dey serve Jehovah. But Abraham want make im pikin marry woman wey dey serve Jehovah. Na im make am send Eliezer wey be im servant, make e go find wife for Isaac for where Abraham people dey stay. That place name na Haran.

Rebekah ready to work well well to fetch water for all the camel

Eliezer with some servant wey Abraham get come travel. The place far well well. Dem carry ten animal wey dem dey call camel. The camel carry food and plenty gift. How Eliezer go come take know the woman wey e go choose for Isaac? When Eliezer and the other servant reach Haran, dem come stop for one well. Eliezer know sey e no go tey wey people go come start to dey fetch water. E come pray give Jehovah sey: ‘Any woman wey I beg sey make e give me water, if the woman give me water, come still give my camel, I go know sey na this woman you choose for Isaac.’

E no tey, na im Rebekah come fetch  water for the well. Bible talk sey Rebekah fine well well. Eliezer come beg am water, na im Rebekah tell am sey: ‘I go give you water, and I go even still give your camel join.’ No be small work Rebekah go do o, because camel dey drink water well well. So Rebekah come run go the well go fetch water many many times. You see how Rebekah take dey work well well for the picture?— Eliezer surprise for how Jehovah take answer im prayer.

Eliezer come give Rebekah many fine gift. Rebekah come tell Eliezer and im other servant make dem follow am go im papa house. Eliezer tell Rebekah family why Abraham send am come, and how Jehovah take answer im prayer. Rebekah family agree sey make e marry Isaac.

Rebekah follow Eliezer go Canaan go marry Isaac

But you think sey Rebekah go gree marry Isaac?— Rebekah know sey na Jehovah send Eliezer come meet am. So when Rebekah family ask am whether e go follow dem go Canaan go marry Isaac, Rebekah talk sey: ‘I go go.’ Rebekah no waste time, e follow Eliezer go. When dem reach Canaan, Rebekah marry Isaac.

Jehovah bless Rebekah because e do wetin Jehovah want make e do. After many many years, e come happen sey na that family Jesus from come. If you make Jehovah happy like Rebekah, Jehovah go bless you.