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Paul Sister Pikin Get Mind

Paul Sister Pikin Get Mind

Make we learn about one young man wey save Paul life. This young man na Paul sister pikin. We no know the man name, but we know sey e do something wey make us know sey e get mind well well. You go like hear wetin e do?—

Paul dey for prison for Jerusalem. Dem arrest am because sey e dey preach about Jesus. Some bad people hate Paul, dem come plan one wicked plan. Dem talk sey: ‘Make we tell the person wey dey command the army sey make e tell im soldier make dem carry Paul go court. We go hide for road, and when Paul dey pass the road, we go kill am!’

Paul sister pikin tell Paul and the army commander about the bad plan

Paul sister pikin hear wetin dem plan for Paul. Wetin e go come do? E come go tell Paul about the plan for inside prison. Paul tell am make e no waste time, make e go tell the army commander. You think sey e easy for Paul sister pikin to talk to the commander?— E no easy, because the commander na oga for army. But Paul sister pikin get mind and e talk to the commander.

Na once the commander just know wetin e suppose do. E arrange many soldier wey nearly reach 500 make dem guard Paul! E tell the soldier dem make dem follow Paul go Caesarea that night. Paul die?— No, the bad people no fit near am! Their plan no work.

Wetin you learn from this story?— You self fit get mind like Paul sister pikin. E good make we get mind when we dey tell people about Jehovah. You go get mind wey no go make you stop to dey tell people about Jehovah?— If you get mind like that, you fit save person life.


  • Acts 23:12-24

  • Matthew 24:14; 28:18-20

  • 1 Timothy 4:16