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Josiah Get Many Better Friend

Josiah Get Many Better Friend

You think sey e hard to do wetin dey good?— Many people think sey e hard. Bible tell us about one boy wey do good even when e hard. Im name na Josiah. But e get many better friend wey help am. Make we learn about Josiah and some of im friend.

Josiah papa na king for Judah, im name na Amon. Amon bad well well, and e still dey serve juju. When e die, na Josiah come be king. Na only eight years Josiah be when e be king! You think sey e bad like im papa?— E no bad like am.

Zephaniah warn the people make dem no serve juju

Even when Josiah dey small, e ready to do wetin Jehovah want. So na only people wey dey do wetin Jehovah want, na im e take as im friend. And dem help Josiah do wetin good. Who be some of im friend self?

One of Josiah friend na Zephaniah. Zephaniah na prophet wey warn the people for Judah sey bad thing go  happen to dem if dem serve juju. Josiah hear wetin Zephaniah talk. E no serve juju, na Jehovah e serve.

Another person wey be Josiah friend na Jeremiah. Jeremiah and Josiah want be the same age, dem grow up for the same area. Dem be better friend sotey when Josiah die, Jeremiah write one special song about how e take miss Josiah. Jeremiah and Josiah help theirself to do wetin good and to do wetin Jehovah talk.

Josiah and Jeremiah help theirself do wetin good

Wetin you learn about Josiah example?— Even when Josiah na small boy, e ready to do wetin good. E know sey na people wey love Jehovah e go be friend with. Try to choose friend wey love Jehovah and wey fit help you do wetin good!


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