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Jeremiah No Stop to Dey Talk About Jehovah

Jeremiah No Stop to Dey Talk About Jehovah

Why this people dey vex for Jeremiah?

Jehovah save Jeremiah

Sometimes when we dey talk about Jehovah, some people dey laugh us, other people dey even vex for us. This one fit make us want stop to dey talk about God. E don happen to you before?— Bible tell us about one young man wey love Jehovah. But na small remain, e for stop to dey talk about Jehovah. Im name na Jeremiah. Make we learn more about am.

When Jeremiah still dey young, Jehovah tell am sey make e warn people make dem stop to dey do bad things. This one no easy for Jeremiah na im make am dey fear. E come tell Jehovah sey: ‘I no know wetin I go talk. Na small pikin I be.’ But Jehovah tell am sey: ‘No fear. I go help you.’

 Na so Jeremiah start to dey warn people sey if dem no change, Jehovah go punish dem. You think sey the people do wetin Jeremiah talk?— No. Na so so laugh dem dey laugh am, dem still dey vex for am. Some even want kill am. How you think sey Jeremiah feel?— E dey fear, and e come talk sey: ‘I no go talk about Jehovah again.’ But na true sey e stop to talk about Jehovah?— No o, e no stop. The love wey e get for Jehovah no make am fit stop to dey talk about am. And because e no stop, Jehovah save am.

For example, e get one time wey bad people trowey Jeremiah inside one deep hole wey potopoto dey. E no see food chop, and e no see water drink. Those people want leave Jeremiah make e die for there. But Jehovah help am comot for the hole, e no die!

Wetin you learn from Jeremiah example?— Even if e dey fear sometimes, Jeremiah no stop to dey talk about Jehovah. When you dey talk about Jehovah, people fit laugh you or vex for you. This one fit make you dey shame or even dey fear. But no let that one stop you to dey talk about Jehovah. As Jehovah take help Jeremiah, na so e go take help you everytime.