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Kingdom Wey Go Rule the Whole World

Kingdom Wey Go Rule the Whole World

Which Kingdom you think sey we dey talk about?— Na God Kingdom. This Kingdom go change the whole world to paradise. You go like learn more things about this Kingdom?—

No Kingdom wey no get king. Na the king dey rule everybody wey dey im Kingdom. You know who be king for God Kingdom?— Na Jesus Christ. Na heaven e dey stay. Small time, e go rule everybody wey dey this world. You think sey we go happy when Jesus be King for the whole world?—

Wetin you go like see and wetin you go like do for Paradise?

We go happy! People no go fight theirself or go fight war again for Paradise. Everybody go love theirself. Nobody go dey sick and nobody go dey die again. People wey no fit see go see, people wey no fit hear go hear, people wey no fit waka go fit waka and dey even fit run and jump. Food go boku for everywhere. Different different animal go dey play with theirself, and even with people. People wey don die go come life again. Many people wey you don learn about for this book, like Rebekah, Rahab, David, and Elijah go  come life again! You go like to see dem when dem come life again?—

Jehovah love you and e want make you happy. Make you no stop to dey learn about Jehovah and dey do wetin e tell you. That one go make you get life wey no go end for that fine paradise! Na wetin you want be that?—