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Jehovah Witness People

Choose language Nigerian Pidgin

Teach Your Pikin

Mama and papa, use this story take teach your pikin better lesson for Bible.


The things wey dey for the book of Deuteronomy go help you when you dey train your pikin dem.

One Secret Wey We Go Like to Know

Bible talk about one special secret wey be ‘holy secret.’ You go like know wetin the secret be?

Rebekah Want Make Jehovah Happy

Wetin we go do if we want be like Rebekah? Read the story if you want know abaut am.

Rahab Get Strong Faith for Jehovah

Learn how Rahab and im family no die when Jericho fall.

E Make Im Papa and Jehovah Happy

Wetin Jephthah pikin promise wey e still do? How we go take be like Jephthah pikin?

Samuel No Stop to Dey Do Wetin Good

How we go take follow Samuel example to do wetin good even when other people dey do bad?

David No Dey Fear

Read this sweet Bible story if you want learn wetin make David no dey fear.

You Don Ever Feel Sey Na Only You Dey and You Come Dey Fear?

When Elijah dey feel sey na only im dey, wetin Jehovah tell am? Wetin you you fit learn from wetin happen to Elijah?

Josiah Get Many Better Friend

Bible tell us about one boy wey do wetin good even when e hard. Learn how im friend help am.

Jeremiah No Stop to Dey Talk About Jehovah

Even when people dey laugh am, and dey vex for am, why Jeremiah no stop to dey talk about God?

Jesus Dey Do Wetin Im Papa and Mama, and Jehovah Talk

E no dey easy to do wetin your mama and papa talk. See how wetin Jesus do fit help you.

People Wey Write About Jesus

Learn about the eight people wey write Bible and wey dey for the same time wey Jesus dey and wey write about im life.

Paul Sister Pikin Get Mind

This young man save im uncle life. Wetin e do?

Timothy Like to Dey Help People

How you go take get better life wey you go enjoy like Timothy?

Kingdom Wey Go Rule the Whole World

How things go be when Jesus start to dey rule this world? You go like to dey that Paradise?