E get wetin better pass wetin you dey see for mirror.


Just think am sey: Julia dey always think sey e too fat anytime wey e look mirror. Julia dey tell imself sey “I need to slim”—even though im papa and mama and even im friend dey tell am sey e “thin like broom.”

Julia ready to do anything wey go make am slim. Wetin e do be sey e no chop for some days . . .

If you be Julia, wetin you for do?


The way you dey see yourself fit be like person wey dey look imself for mirror wey no clear

No be bad thing to think about how you be. Bible even tell us about some people wey fine. Some of dem na Sarah, Racheal, Abigail, Joseph and David. Bible still talk sey one woman wey im name na Abishag ‘fine well well.’—1 Kings 1:4.

But many young people today no like how them be. And this one fit cause big problem for dem. Think about this one:

  • One research show sey inside 100 girls, 58 believe sey dem fat when  na only 17 of them really fat.

  • Another research show sey inside 100 women, 45 think sey dem over fat when their weight no even reach how e suppose be!

  • Many young people don get many bad sickness like ulcer because dem want make sure sey dem slim.

 If you get this kind sickness or any other one wey no dey make you eat well, e good make you look for person wey go help you. You fit tell your papa and mama about am or you fit tell another mature person wey you trust. Bible talk sey ‘Better friend dey always show love, and na brother wey them born when problem dey.’—Proverbs 17:17.

Wetin You Fit Do Wey Better Pass!

Na your character go make people like you or hate you. Think about King David pikin wey be Absalom. Bible tell us sey:

‘No other man people praise as dem take praise Absalom because e too fine. . . . From head to toe e no get comma.’—2 Samuel 14:25.

Still, Absalom na person wey dey carry shoulder up, person wey want make am by all means and person wey dem no fit trust! Bible tell us many bad things about Absalom; e sey na person wey no get shame, person wey you no fit trust and person wey get bad mind to kill person.

See the better advice wey Bible give us:

‘Make una dey wear the new character like cloth for body.’—Colossians 3:10.

‘No let wetin go make you fine be the thing wey eye fit see . . . , but make e be the kind person wey you be for inside your mind.’—1 Peter 3:3, 4.

To do wetin go make person fine no be bad thing, but na the kind person wey you be, your character na im better pass. Na the kind character wey you get people go remember about you tomorrow no be how your body be or how you fine reach! One girl wey im name na Phylicia talk sey: “Person wey fine dey quick enter people eye, but na who you really be and the better character wey you get people go remember pass.”


Sometimes if you look yourself, how you be dey vex you?

E get wetin you go like change for your body for hospital or you don ever think sey you no go chop well make you fit slim?

If to sey you fit, wetin you for like change for your body? (Mark the one wey you like.)







If your answer to the first and second question wey dey up na yes and if wetin you mark for the third reach three or pass, think am: E fit be sey other people no dey see you the way you dey see yourself. E dey easy to do wetin you no suppose do and over worry yourself about how you be.—1 Samuel 16:7.