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Who I Be?

Who I Be?


If you know who you be and wetin you believe, e go help you choose wetin good, even when people dey push you to do wetin bad.


Just think am sey: E never too tey wey Karen enter one party, na im e hear one voice for im back sey:

“Wetin you stand there dey do?”

As Karen turn, e see im friend Jessica wey carry two bottle for hand. Karen know sey, the drink fit shak person. Jessica put one for im hand, come tell am sey, “You too small to drink? Abeg, enjoy your life.”

Karen no want collect am, but e no want make im friend think sey e no sabi enjoy life. Apart from that one, Jessica na better person and if na bad thing to drink, e no go do am. E come dey think am for im mind sey ‘No be igbo, na ordinary drink.’

If you be Karen, wetin you for do?


If you want know wetin you go do for this matter, e good make you know who you be. This one mean sey, you go know the kind person wey you really be and wetin you believe. If you sabi this one, e go give you the power to dey control your own life instead wey other people go control am for you.—1 Corinthians 9:26, 27.

How you go fit get that kind power? The question wey dey here go help you.


If you sabi the kind person wey you really be and wetin you believe, you go be like tree wey im root enter ground well well, wey heavy breeze no fit fall

EXAMPLE FOR BIBLE: Apostle Paul talk sey: ‘But even if I no too sabi talk, that one no mean sey I no sabi something.’ (2 Corinthians 11:6) Because Paul sabi Bible well well, na im make am fit stand im ground when some people challenge am. E no allow wetin dem talk change wetin e believe.—2 Corinthians 10:10; 11:5.

CHECK YOURSELF WELL. Write wetin you sabi do or wetin you learn how to do for here.

Mention one better character wey you get. (For example, you get love for people? you dey open hand? person fit trust you? you dey keep to time?


If you allow your weak point control your life, that one fit spoil your good character.

EXAMPLE FOR BIBLE: Paul sabi sey e get weak point na im make am talk sey: ‘I really like to follow God law, but another law dey my mind wey no want make I do am and e dey make me be slave to sin.’—Romans 7:22, 23.

CHECK YOURSELF WELL. Which area you no dey do well wey you need to change?


You go fit enter taxi come tell the driver make e just dey carry you dey turn round till fuel finish for the motor? E no go make sense at all. Na waste of money!

Wetin I learn? If you get plan, your life go get head. You go know where you dey go and how you go reach there.

EXAMPLE FOR BIBLE: Paul talk sey: ‘I no dey run like person wey no get where e dey go.’ (1 Corinthians 9:26) Instead wey Paul go sitdown make things wey dey happen dey change im life, Paul plan things wey e go do and really do dem.—Philippians 3:12-14.

CHECK YOURSELF WELL: Write three things wey you plan to do before next year finish for here.


If you know things wey you fit do and other better character wey you get, e go make you strong.

If your mind no strong well well for wetin you believe, you no go dey sure of wetin you want do. You go come be like chameleon wey dey change color because you want make your friend like you—this one go show sey you no know who you really be.

E good make you do something because of wetin you believe. Be who you be and stand well for wetin you believe—no matter wetin other people dey do.

EXAMPLE FOR BIBLE: Daniel for Bible still dey young when e ‘talk wetin e go do for im mind’ sey e go obey God law, and e really do am even when e no dey with im family. (Daniel 1:8) This one show sey Daniel no fail to do wetin e talk. E follow wetin e believe.

CHECK YOURSELF WELL: Wetin you really believe? For example: You believe sey God dey? If you sey yes, why? Wetin make you believe sey God really dey?

You believe sey God law for inside Bible na for your own good? If you sey yes, why?

Which one you go like be—na leaf wey any small breeze fit carry waka or tree wey heavy breeze no fit fall? If you work hard to stand your ground for wetin you believe, you go be like that tree. And this one go help you answer the question, Who I be?