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Wetin I Suppose Know About Rape?

Wetin I Suppose Know About Rape?


Every year, people wey dem dey rape plenty well well and na young people be the number one target.


Before Annette know wetin dey happen, the Person wey attack am don fall am for ground. Annette talk sey “I try do everything wey I fit do to push am comot, I shout, but na only breeze dey comot. I  push am, I kick am, and use my finger, e no work. As e use knife chuk me, I no fit do anything again.”

If to sey na you be Annette, wetin you for do?


Even when you dey careful—maybe when you dey travel or when you comot for night—bad thing fit happen. Bible talk sey ‘No be person wey sabi run well well dey carry first every time or no be even everybody wey sabi something dey make am, because time and wetin we no expect dey happen to all of dem.’—Ecclesiastes 9:11.

Many young people wey dem don rape, na who dem no know before rape dem like Annette. For other people na who dem know like their friend or even person for their family rape dem. Natalie dey only 10 years when one boy wey be their  neighbor rape am. Natalie sey: “I first dey fear and dey shame sotey I no tell anybody.”


Annette mind still dey worry am for wetin happen. Annette sey: “My mind go just dey play the video of wetin happen that night. I still dey feel sey I for try well well to fight am. The truth be sey, after e chuck me with knife, fear come dey catch me. I no just fit do anything again, but I still dey feel sey I for still try.”

Sometimes Natalie mind still dey worry am. E sey: “I for no trust person like that, my papa and mama talk sey make me and my sister no dey leave ourself when we dey play for outside, but I no hear word. So I dey feel sey na me put myself for the trouble. Wetin happen affect my family, and I blame myself well well for the pain wey I cause dem. Na wetin pain me pass be that.”

If you dey feel like Annette or Natalie, get am for mind sey, the person wey dem rape no want am. Some people feel sey rape no be serious matter, na im make dem dey talk sey; na so boys dey do or sey the person wey dem rape want am. But rape no be wetin suppose happen to anybody at all. If this kind bad thing don happen to you before, get am for mind sey no be your fault!

Na true sey, e hard to believe sey wetin happen no be your fault. For some people, to comot am for mind no dey easy. This one dey worry dem for mind. But who suppose keep am for mind—na you or the person wey rape you? See another thing wey go help you.


Bible tell us wetin Job wey be better man talk when im wahala don too much. E sey: ‘Na as e pain me reach I go take talk am!’ (Job 10:1) Wetin Job do fit help you. If you tell person wey you trust, e fit help you comot mind from wetin happen, because you no go fit change wetin don happen and your mind go come down.

Things wey dey your mind fit too heavy for only you to carry. E no go good if you tell person wey fit help you?

Annette try am and e work. E talk sey: “I tell my tight friend, and e advise me sey make I go tell some elders for our congregation. I happy sey I do wetin my friend tell me. Dem use Bible encourage me many times,—dem help me see sey wetin happen no be my fault at all and e really make my mind come down.”

Natalie tell im papa and mama wetin happen to am. E talk sey: “Dem support me, dem tell me sey make I no carry am for mind, and wetin dem talk make me start to dey happy small small again, my mind no come dey too worry me again.”

Prayer still help Natalie well well. Na im make am talk sey: “Prayer help me o, especially when I no fit tell any other person my problem. I fit tell Jehovah everything when I dey pray. This one dey make my mind come down.”

You self go see sey you need time to well. (Ecclesiastes 3:3) Take care of your body and try to dey control how you dey feel. Dey sleep well. The one wey better pass na to trust Jehovah, the God wey dey make our mind come down.—2 Corinthians 1:3, 4.


If you be girl and person dey touch you anyhow, no laugh, shout for am sey: “No try am again!” or, “Comot your hand for my body!” Make you no shut up because of fear or sey you no want make the boy wey you like leave you. If e leave you because of that one, no worry, just know sey no be better person! You need correct man wey go respect your body and wetin you want.


“When I dey for secondary school, boys go draw my bra for back, come talk something like—I go enjoy am well well if I sleep with dem.”—Coretta.

You think sey those boys dey

  1. Take am play?

  2. Toast am for nothing?

  3. Play rough play with am?

“When I dey inside bus, one boy start to dey tell me rubbish, come hold my hand. I push im hand comot and tell am make e shift. The boy look me like person wey dey craze.”—Candice.

You think sey this boy dey?

  1. Take am play?

  2. Toast am for nothing?

  3. Play rough play with am?

“For last year, na so so disturb one boy dey disturb me. E want make I be im girlfriend but I always dey tell am no. Sometimes e go use im hand dey rub my own, I tell am make e stop but e no gree hear. One day, I bend down dey tie my shoe, na im this boy come nack me for backside.”—Bethany.

You think sey this boy dey:

  1. Take am play?

  2. Toast am for nothing?

  3. Play rough play with am?

Na number 3 be the correct answer.

Wetin make this number three no be like the other two?

For that number three na only one person mind e dey. And when the other person wey no want am tell the person wey dey disturb am make e stop, e no go hear.

This kind rough play na serious matter, because e fit lead to rape.