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Make I Believe Evolution—Sey No Be God Make Everything?

Make I Believe Evolution—Sey No Be God Make Everything?


If na true sey no be God make everything, na im be sey life no get head. But if na God make everything, we fit get the answer to question wey dey worry our mind about life and how tomorrow go be.


Just think am sey: Alex confuse. E believe sey na God make everything from small pikin. But today for class, im biology teacher talk sey the research wey science people do show sey evolution na true. Alex no want make dem look am as person wey no get sense. E tell imself sey: ‘If science don show sey evolution na true, who I be to talk sey na lie?’

If to sey you be Alex, you go gree sey evolution na true because of wetin textbook talk?


When people dey argue something, dem dey quick talk wetin dem believe even when dem no really know why dem believe am.

  • Some people only believe sey na God make everything because of wetin dem don teach dem for church.

  • Some people only believe sey evolution na true because of wetin dem don teach dem for school.


Bible talk sey: ‘Na person dey build house, but na God make everything.’ (Hebrews 3:4) E make sense to believe wetin Bible talk?

E no make sense to believe sey no be God make everything. E just be like make person tell you sey nobody build this house

DEM SEY: Na something burst come form everything.

1. Who make the thing wey burst or where e come from?

2. Which one make sense pass—sey everything just come by imself or na person make am?

DEM SEY: Human being come from animal.

3. If human being come from animal—for example, from monkey—why human being come get sense well well pass monkey?

4. Why e be sey even small thing wey dey alive hard well well to understand?

DEM SEY: Evolution na true because of wetin dem don see.

5. The person wey sey evolution na true don sitdown think am well to know if na really true?

6. How many people believe evolution just because dem tell dem sey na only people wey no know anything no go believe am?

“For example, as you dey waka for inside thick bush, you come see one house wey fine well well. You go think sey na tree fall come arrange imself to form the house? E no possible! So why we go come believe sey everything just come by imself?”—Julia.

“Just think am sey person come tell you sey something burst for where dem dey print book, and as e bust, the ink wey scatter for wall and celling come write full dictionary by imself for there. You go believe am?”—Gwen.


 Bible tell us sey make we use our ‘sense to think.’ (Romans 12:1) That one mean sey we no go just believe sey God dey because of:

  • WETIN MY MIND TELL ME (I just think sey person wey get power pass everything dey)

  • WETIN OTHER PEOPLE BELIEVE (I dey live for area where people believe sey God dey)

  • WETIN DEM MAKE ME BELIEVE (Na from small pikin my papa and mama teach me sey God dey—So I no fit change am)

But, e good make you believe something because you get better reason.

“When my teacher dey explain how our body take dey work, I use all my mind believe sey God dey. Because different part of our body get work wey dem dey do go reach the small part, and dem dey do their work even if we no know. Our body dey wonderful no be small!”—Teresa.

“Any time wey I see house wey tall well well, ship wey big well well, or motor, I dey ask myself sey, who make dem? Na people wey sabi something well well fit make motor, because dem need to join different different part together before motor go work. So as e be sey na human being make motor, na im be sey person dey wey make human being.”—Richard.

“As I dey study science more more, na so e dey hard me to believe sey evolution na true. . . . For me, I go sey e easy to believe sey God dey pass to believe evolution.”—Anthony.


Even as science people don do research reach, dem never fit still explain evolution make all of dem agree. So if science people wey suppose sabi something well well never still agree—why I go come believe dem?