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How I Go Take Dey Talk to My Papa and Mama With Respect?

How I Go Take Dey Talk to My Papa and Mama With Respect?


The more you dey agree with your papa and mama, the more your life go dey better.


Just think am sey: One Wednesday night, Geoffrey wey dey 17 years don tire as e finish all im house work. Wetin dey im mind na to rest! E just on TV come balance well for the chair wey e like pass for parlor.

Na that time, im papa enter parlor, come shout for am sey:

“Geoffrey! You sitdown here dey watch TV when you suppose to dey help your brother do im homework? You no dey ever do wetin dem tell you!”

Geoffrey come talk sey: “E don start again.”

Im papa near am come ask am sey: “Wetin you talk?”

Geoffrey sey: “I no talk anything” and e hiss throwey face.

Im papa come vex, tell am sey: “So na me you dey talk to like that!”

If you be Geoffrey, wetin you for do so that quarrel no go start?


If you dey drive motor, you come reach where roadblock dey, you no go find another road follow? Na so e still be when you dey follow your papa and mama talk.


Leah talk sey: “E dey hard me to talk to my papa. If I dey talk to am, e no dey put mind, e dey always sey ‘no vex wetin you talk?’”


  1. Shout for im papa.

    Leah vex talk sey: “Daddy hear wetin I dey talk! Na serious matter be this!”

  2. Stop to dey talk to  im papa.

    Leah stop to dey tell im papa im problem, because e don tire for am.

  3. Wait for better time, to tell im papa im problem again.

    Leah go meet im papa later tell am im problem, or e write am for letter give am.

Which one you go tell Leah make e do?

THINK AM: Leah papa mind no dey there—so e no know how Leah dey feel. If Leah choose Number one, im papa fit no know why e dey shout for am. Im papa fit no even listen to am if e shout for am, and Leah no go show sey e get respect for im papa if e shout for am. (Ephesians 6:2) So number one no go work.

As you no go let roadblock stop you to reach where you dey go, na so you go still try to understand your papa and mama

You fit think sey na Number 2 go easy pass for am to do, but no be im better pass. Why? Because na im papa fit help am solve the problem if e tell am. So If Leah stop to dey talk to im papa, how e go take help am? Leah papa no go know wetin dey im mind if e no tell am.

If Leah choose Number 3, e mean sey e no allow roadblock stop am. Leah mind go come down if e later go meet im papa come tell am im problem or write am for letter give am.

The letter fit help Leah arrange everything wey e get for mind to tell im papa well. And when im papa read the letter, e go come understand wetin im pikin dey try tell am, and e go help am know wetin dey im pikin mind. So na number 3 better pass for Leah and im papa. Whether Leah go tell im papa or write am for letter give am, na number three follow wetin Bible talk, sey: ‘Make we dey do things wey go bring peace.’—Romans 14:19.

Which other things Leah fit do?

Think of any one, make you write am for the space wey dey here. Still write wetin fit happen if e do am.


Remember sey, wetin you tell your papa and mama and wetin dem think sey you talk fit no be the same.


Your papa and mama fit ask you sey why your face be like this. If you sey: “I no want talk about am.”

Dem fit think sey wetin you mean na: “I no want tell una because I no trust una. I go tell my friend wetin dey do me.”

Think am sey you get one big problem and your papa or mama ready to help you. But if you tell am sey: “No worry I fit do am by myself.”

  • Your papa and mama fit think sey wetin you mean na:

  • E for better if you talk sey: