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Mary Get Belle When E Never Marry

Mary Get Belle When E Never Marry

MATTHEW 1:18-25 LUKE 1:56



Mary belle don reach four months now. Remember sey na when Mary newly get the belle e go visit Elizabeth, im family member wey dey live for the south part of Judea. Now e don go back to Nazareth. People go soon know sey e get belle. This matter really dey worry Mary for mind.

Wetin make the matter even bad well well be sey, Mary don already get person wey e want marry. Na one carpenter wey im name na Joseph. And for the law wey God give Israel people that time, if woman don gree to marry one man, e come go sleep with another man, dem go stone the woman till e die. (Deuteronomy 22:23, 24) Na true sey Mary no sleep with any man, but how e go take explain the matter to Joseph, and wetin go come happen? All this things fit dey worry am.

We know sey Joseph really dey wait to see Mary again, because Mary don travel for three months now. When Mary see Joseph, e tell am sey e get belle. E try well well to explain to am sey na God use im holy spirit put the pikin for im belle. But e really hard Joseph to believe wetin Mary tell am. E hard am to understand.

Joseph know sey Mary na good woman wey get better character. And e really love Mary. But even after Mary don explain to am, Joseph still dey think sey Mary no fit get belle if e no sleep with man. Joseph no want make dem kill Mary or disgrace am for the whole town. So e tell imself sey e no go marry Mary again. E want divorce am make people no know wetin happen. That time, when man and woman don gree sey dem go marry, people dey take am like sey  dem don already marry. So if dem choose sey dem no want marry again, dem go need to divorce.

Joseph still dey think about this matter when sleep carry am. As e dey sleep, Jehovah angel appear to am for dream, come tell am sey: “No fear to take Mary your wife go house, because na holy spirit make am get the belle. Na boy e go born, make you name am Jesus, because na im go save im people from all their sin.”—Matthew 1:20, 21.

As Joseph wake up, e really happy sey the matter don clear finish. Quick quick, e do wetin the angel tell am. E carry Mary go im house. This one na to show everybody sey two of dem don be husband and wife, because na so dem dey do marriage that time. But Joseph no sleep with Mary until e born Jesus.

E remain small time make Mary born. But Joseph and Mary need to travel comot from Nazareth. Now wey Mary want born, where dem come dey go?