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Jesus​—Na the Road, the Truth, and the Life


Dem Escape From One Wicked King

Dem Escape From One Wicked King

MATTHEW 2:13-23



Joseph see Jehovah angel for dream, the angel tell am something wey e go need to do quick quick. E tell am sey: “Get up, carry the small pikin and im mama, make una run go Egypt, make you stay there until I tell you wetin you go do, because Herod go soon dey look for the pikin make e kill am.” (Matthew 2:13) As Joseph wake up, e wake Mary, come tell am wetin the angel talk.

Joseph and Mary carry their pikin run go Egypt that night, dem no waste time. Na the correct time dem run, because Herod don know sey the astrologers don pass another road go house. E tell dem sey make dem come tell am where the pikin dey, but dem no go. E vex no be small. Because e want kill Jesus, e come talk sey make dem kill all the small boys wey dey two years come down. Whether dem dey Bethlehem or the area wey near am. E tell dem from two years come down, because wetin the astrologers talk show sey the pikin suppose dey around that age.

Na really wicked thing Herod do as e kill all this boys! We no know how many boys dem kill. The kind cry wey the boys mama cry match wetin prophet Jeremiah talk for Bible.—Jeremiah 31:15.

By now, Joseph and im family don run go Egypt, and na there dem come dey stay. One night, Joseph see Jehovah angel for dream again. E tell Joseph sey: “Get up, carry the pikin and im mama, make una go the land of Israel, because the people wey want kill the pikin don die.” (Matthew 2:20) Now Joseph don ready to go back to where dem come from. This one still make another thing wey Bible talk happen, sey God Son go come out from Egypt.—Hosea 11:1.

 E fit be sey wetin dey Joseph mind na to go back to Judea, where dem dey live before dem go Egypt. This place near Bethlehem. But e come hear sey na Herod wicked pikin wey im name na Archelaus be king for Judea. For another dream, God warn Joseph about wetin fit happen if e go back to Judea. Na im make Joseph and im family go live for Nazareth, one far area for Galilee. So dem no stay near the area where the temple dey. This one still match another thing wey Bible talk, sey “Dem go call am Nazareth person.”—Matthew 2:23.