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The Pikin Wey God Promise Sey Dem Go Born

The Pikin Wey God Promise Sey Dem Go Born

LUKE 2:21-39


Joseph and Mary no go back to Nazareth. Dem stay for Bethlehem. God command Israel people sey, if dem born boy, dem must circumcise am when e reach eight days. So when Jesus reach eight days, dem circumcise am. (Leviticus 12:2, 3) Na that day dem go still name the pikin. So dem name am Jesus as angel Gabriel don first tell dem.

When Jesus reach 40 days, im papa and mama carry am go the temple wey dey Jerusalem. The temple no too far from where dem dey stay. The Law talk sey when any woman born boy, e must come temple after 40 days, and e go make sacrifice to Jehovah so that e go dey clean.—Leviticus 12:4-8.

Na wetin Mary do be that. Na two small bird e bring for the sacrifice. This one show sey Joseph and Mary poor. For the Law, na one small ram and one bird the woman suppose bring. But if the woman no get money to buy ram, e fit bring two turtledove or two small pigeon. So as Mary bring two small bird, e show sey dem poor.

E get one old man wey meet Joseph and Mary for the temple. Im name na Simeon. God don tell am sey before e die, e go see the person wey go be the Messiah or Christ. Na holy spirit move Simeon to go temple that day, na im make e fit see Joseph and Mary and the pikin wey dem carry for hand. Simeon come sey make dem give am the pikin make e carry.

As e carry Jesus, e come dey thank God sey: “Now, our Great Lord, your servant go die in peace as you promise, because my eye don see who you go take save us wey you don arrange make everybody fit see. Na light wey go comot the cloth wey cover all the nation face and na glory for your people Israel.”—Luke 2:29-32.

Joseph and Mary surprise to hear wetin Simeon talk. Simeon come bless dem and tell Mary sey “dem don choose im pikin to make many people for Israel fall and stand up again.” E still talk sey time dey come wey Mary go cry well well, e go just be like sey dem chuk am with sharp sword wey enter from front, come out for back.—Luke 2:34

Another person still dey for temple that day. Na one woman wey be prophet wey dey 84 years. Im name na Anna. Anna dey always come temple. When Simeon still dey with Joseph, Mary, and the pikin, Anna come meet dem. Anna come start to thank God and to talk about Jesus to everybody wey ready to hear wetin e dey talk.

True true, Joseph and Mary really happy to see all this things wey happen for temple! This one really make dem dey sure sey their pikin na the One Wey God Don Promise Sey Dem Go Born.