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Astrologers Come Visit Jesus

Astrologers Come Visit Jesus

MATTHEW 2:1-12


Some men come from East, dem be astrologers. Astrologer na person wey dey study stars. Dem believe sey dem fit use am know the meaning of things wey dey happen for person life. (Isaiah 47:13) When dem dey East, dem see one star, na im dem start to follow am. The star no carry dem go Bethlehem, but na Jerusalem e carry dem go.

When the astrologers reach Jerusalem, dem ask sey: “Wey the pikin wey dem born, wey go be king of the Jews? We see im star when we dey East, and we don come greet am.”—Matthew 2:1, 2.

When King Herod wey be king for Jerusalem hear am, e no happy at all. E gather the chief priests and other people wey dey lead for Jew people religion, come ask dem sey; where dem talk sey dem go born the Christ. Dem answer am as e dey for God Word, sey na for Bethlehem. (Matthew 2:5; Micah 5:2) Herod tell dem sey make dem carry the astrologers come meet am, but make dem no let people know. E tell the astrologers sey: “Make una go find the small pikin well, and when una don see am, make una come tell me so that I go still go greet am.” (Matthew 2:8) But wetin really dey King Herod mind na to kill the pikin.

After the astrologers comot from King Herod palace, one surprising thing happen. That “star” wey lead dem from East come start to lead dem again. E clear sey this star no be ordinary star. The truth be sey e get who send this star come lead dem. Dem follow the star until e stop for the house wey Joseph, Mary, and Jesus dey.

When the astrologers enter the house, dem see Mary and Jesus. As dem see am, dem come bow down to am. Dem give am gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Later, when dem want go tell King Herod where Jesus dey, God use im angel warn dem for dream sey make dem no go. So when dem dey go back to their country, dem come pass another road.

Who be the person wey use the “star” lead this astrologers? Remember, the star no carry dem straight go meet Jesus for Bethlehem. But e first carry dem go Jerusalem where King Herod wey want kill Jesus dey. And e for kill Jesus if to sey God no warn dem sey make dem no go tell King Herod where Jesus dey. So e clear sey na Satan, wey be God enemy put the star for there, because e want make dem kill Jesus.