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Jesus​—Na the Road, the Truth, and the Life


Learn From the Way Jesus Take Face Temptation

Learn From the Way Jesus Take Face Temptation

MATTHEW 4:1-11 MARK 1:12, 13 LUKE 4:1-13


After John don baptize Jesus, holy spirit come lead Jesus go inside the wilderness wey dey Judea. Many things just dey come Jesus mind. When e baptize, “heaven open.” (Matthew 3:16) E mean sey now, Jesus go fit remember the things wey e don learn and the things wey e do when e dey heaven. Many things really dey for am to think about.

Jesus stay inside that wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights. And e no chop any food. Na when e don hungry well well Satan come tempt am. Satan tell am sey: “If you be God son, tell this stones make dem turn to bread.” (Matthew 4:3) Jesus no gree do wetin Satan tell am, because e know sey e no good to dey use im power help imself like that.

Satan no stop for there. E try another style. E carry Jesus go up up, for ontop temple. E come tell am sey make e jump come down. But Jesus no gree do that kind thing, to show people the kind power wey e get. E tell Satan wetin God Word talk, sey na bad thing to test Jehovah like that.

Satan come back again the third time. This time, e show Jesus “all the kingdom wey dey this world and the fine fine things wey dem get.” E come tell am sey: “Na you I go give all this things, if you bow down and show sey you serve me.” Jesus no still gree for Satan. E tell am sey: “Comot for here, Satan!” (Matthew 4:8-10) Jesus know sey na only Jehovah we suppose serve. Na im make e no gree do wetin Satan tell am. E clear sey Jesus no ever comot for Jehovah side.

We fit learn many things from all this temptation and the way Jesus answer Satan. All this temptation dey real, this one show sey Satan the Devil no be the bad thing wey dey people mind, as some people dey talk. Satan dey real, but na spirit. This story don show us sey all the government wey dey this world na im own, and na im dey control am. Na im make e fit use am tempt Jesus.

Remember wetin Satan talk, e sey if Jesus fit show sey e serve am just once, e go give am all the kingdom wey dey this world. Satan fit still use this style for us. E fit bring different different things come our front, things wey go fit make us get plenty money, power or position. If we follow Jesus example and we no leave Jehovah, no matter wetin happen, we go show sey we get sense. No forget sey Satan leave Jesus “until another time, when e go see better chance take catch am.” (Luke 4:13) E fit do the same thing to us. So make we always ready for am.