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Jesus Do Im First Miracle

Jesus Do Im First Miracle

JOHN 2:1-12



Three days don pass since Nathanael be Jesus disciple. Jesus and some of im first disciples dey travel go their area for the north side of Galilee, and na Cana dem dey go. Na this place Nathanael come from. Cana dey ontop hill for the north side of Nazareth, where Jesus stay till e grow. Person invite dem come one wedding for there.

Even Jesus mama come the wedding. Since the people wey dey marry na Mary friend, e dey help dem take care of the visitors wey come the wedding. Na im make e quick notice sey wine don finish. E come tell Jesus sey: “Dem no get wine again.”—John 2:3.

Wetin Mary dey tell Jesus be sey make e do something about this wine matter. But Jesus tell Mary sey: “Woman, how that one take concern me and you.” (John 2:4) Since Jehovah don choose Jesus as King, na im suppose dey direct everything wey Jesus go do, no be im family or friends. Mary na woman wey get sense, so e leave the matter for Jesus hand. E just tell the people wey dey serve sey: “Make una do anything wey e tell una.”—John 2:5.

Six pot wey dem dey fetch water put dey ground. One pot fit carry pass 10 gallon or 40 Liters. Jesus come tell the people wey dey serve sey: “Make una fetch water put inside all the pot.” After, e tell dem sey: “Now, take small from inside the pot, go give the person wey dey direct this party.”—John 2:7, 8.

The person wey dey direct the party like this wine well well. E no know sey na miracle dem take do am. E come call the man wey dey marry, e tell am sey: “Na the wine wey better pass people dey first bring come out. Na when everybody don drink well well, dem go come bring the wine wey no too fine. But you, na now you just dey bring the wine wey better pass come out.”—John 2:10.

This na the first miracle wey Jesus do. When im disciples see this miracle, their faith for Jesus come strong more more. After, Jesus with im mama and im brothers come travel go Capernaum, wey dey the northwest side for the Sea of Galilee.