JOHN 1:29-51


Before Jesus go back to Galilee, after e don fast for 40 days inside wilderness, e first go meet John wey baptize am. As Jesus dey come, John tell the people wey dey with am sey: “Make una see God Lamb, wey dey carry this world sin comot! Na this person I talk about sey, ‘E get one man wey dey come for my back. The man don dey my front, because e don dey even before dem born me.’” (John 1:29, 30) Even though sey John senior Jesus small, e still know sey Jesus don live for heaven as spirit before e come this earth.

The time wey Jesus come meet John sey make e baptize am, John no dey sure if na Jesus go be the Messiah. E sey: “Even me no know am. The reason why I dey use water baptize, na for Israel people to know am.”—John 1:31.

John still tell people wetin happen when e baptize Jesus, e sey: “I see as holy spirit dey come down from heaven like dove and e stay ontop am. Even me no know am, but the Person wey send me come baptize people with water tell me sey: ‘Anybody wey you see sey the spirit dey come ontop, and stay ontop am, na that one dey baptize with holy spirit.’ I see am, and I don talk about am sey this person na God Son.”—John 1:32-34.

The next day when Jesus dey pass, John dey with two of im disciples. John come talk sey: “See, na God Lamb be this!” (John 1:36) As dem hear am, the two of dem come follow Jesus. One of dem na Andrew. The second person fit be the person wey write this story. Im name still be John. This John na Salome pikin. E fit be sey Salome na Mary sister and im husband name, na Zebedee. So John fit be Jesus cousin.

Jesus look back, and e see sey Andrew and John dey follow am, na im e ask dem sey: “Wetin una dey find?”

Dem come ask am sey: “Rabbi, where you dey stay?”

Jesus tell dem sey: “Make una come see the place.”—John 1:37-39

From around four o’clock for evening, Andrew and John stay with Jesus throughout that day. E sweet Andrew sotey e find im brother wey im name na Peter, e come tell am sey: “We don see the Messiah.” (John 1:41) Andrew carry im brother Peter go meet Jesus. Things wey happen later, show sey John find im brother James, come carry am go meet Jesus. But John no add this one join wetin e write.

The next day, Jesus see Philip wey come from Bethsaida. Bethsaida dey the north side of the Sea of Galilee. Na this same town Andrew and Peter come from. When Jesus see Philip, e tell am sey: “Be my disciple.”—John 1:43.

Philip see Nathanael wey im name still be  Bartholomew, e tell am sey: “We don see the person wey Moses write about for inside the Law and the Prophets, na Jesus; Joseph pikin, wey come from Nazareth.” But Nathanael no believe am, e tell Philip sey: “Any better thing fit come from Nazareth?”

Philip tell am sey: “Come see am.” As Jesus see Nathanael dey come, e sey: “See, this na really Israel person wey no dey do wayo.”

Nathanael ask am sey: “How you take know me?”

Jesus come tell am sey: “Before Philip come call you, I see you when you dey under the fig tree.”

Wetin Jesus talk surprise Nathanael, e come tell Jesus sey: “Rabbi, you na God Son, and you be Israel King.”

Jesus come ask am sey: “You believe because I tell you sey I see you for under fig tree?” Jesus still tell am sey: “True true, I dey tell una sey, una go see when heaven go open and angels go dey come down come meet the Son of man, and dem go dey go up.”—John 1:45-51.

After all this one, Jesus with im new disciples comot from Jordan area, come go Galilee.