MATTHEW 3:13-17 MARK 1:9-11 LUKE 3:21, 22 JOHN 1:32-34



About six months after John the Baptist start im preaching work, Jesus come meet am for River Jordan. That time, Jesus dey 30 years. Why Jesus come meet John? No be sey e come greet am or sey e come see how e take dey do im work, but Jesus come meet John so that John go baptize am.

When Jesus reach there, John no gree baptize am. This na because John know sey Jesus na God special Son. Na im make e ask Jesus sey: “Na me suppose come meet you make you baptize me, why e be sey na you come meet me?” (Matthew 3:14) Remember sey Mary visit Elizabeth when Jesus dey belle. That time, John still dey Elizabeth belle, and e jump up as e hear Mary voice. Elizabeth go don tell John the story. John go don still hear the story about wetin the angels tell the shepherds that night wey Mary born Jesus.

John know sey the baptism wey e dey do, na for people wey don repent from their sin. But Jesus no get sin at all. Even though sey John try stop am, Jesus no gree, na im make am tell John sey: “Leave am make e be like this now, because na this one go make us fit do God work well.”—Matthew 3:15.

Why e good sey Jesus baptize? Jesus no baptize to show sey e don repent from im sin, but e baptize to show sey e don give imself to im Father. (Hebrews 10:5-7) Jesus na carpenter, but now e want start to do the work wey im Father send am come do—the preaching work. You think sey John dey expect sey something go happen when Jesus don baptize?

See wetin John talk later, e sey: “The Person wey send me come baptize people with water tell me sey: ‘Anybody wey you see sey the spirit dey come ontop am and stay ontop am, na that one dey baptize with holy spirit.’” (John 1:33) John dey expect sey holy spirit go come ontop one of the people wey e go baptize. So e no surprise John to see sey holy spirit come ontop Jesus like dove.—Matthew 3:16.

But no be only that one happen when Jesus baptize. Bible talk sey heaven open for am. Wetin this one mean? E fit mean sey when Jesus  baptize, e come start to remember all the things wey e know when e dey heaven.

When Jesus baptize, another thing wey happen be sey one voice talk from heaven sey: “Na my Son be this, wey I choose. I like am well well.” (Matthew 3:17) Who get that voice? E no fit be Jesus voice because e dey with John for there. The voice na God own. E clear sey Jesus na God Son. Im and God no be the same.

When Jesus dey this earth, im na God pikin just as Adam be God pikin. After Luke don talk about Jesus baptism finish, e talk sey: “When Jesus start im preaching work, e dey around 30 years. As people think, im na Joseph pikin, Heli pikin, David pikin, Abraham pikin, Noah pikin, Adam pikin, God pikin.”—Luke 3:23-38.

Na true sey Jesus na God Son just like Adam, but when e baptize, e come dey clear to am sey im na God Son and sey e go later be spirit for heaven. So na Jesus be the correct person wey fit teach people the truth from God, and show dem how to get life wey no go end. This road wey Jesus don enter so, go lead am reach where e go use im life pay for human being sin.